Thursday, December 22, 2011

Zip Line!

I am very behind on posting, and I am sorry.  I am even going to post out of order.  Again, I am sorry.  The holidays are crazy enough as it is, but throw in traveling...Wowza!  Things are hectic here to say the least.

I finally found a charger to charge my camera battery (thanks Josh!!) so now posts will resume at least some sort of normalcy.  I am skipping Perry and Mike day 26 because the pictures aren't on my memory card.  Hopefully I can post them later.  There are also other photos and stories I would love to share, but they will have to wait.  Today is about Perry and Mike.

This morning, they were easy to spot.  Both munchkins spotted them before getting out of bed.

They made a zip line and were playing just above the kids' heads!

Here is A's face when she saw them:

Gannon, where is Perry?

What are they doing??

G:  I have NO idea!!

See you soon!

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