Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Twirling and Tapping All Over the Floor!

As you know, last week Austyn attended a gymnastics class.  Although she had fun, I didn't feel it was the place for us.  Gymnastics in itself wasn't the problem, I just didn't care for the class we found. 

As much as it pains Bryan, I was able to find a ballet studio still accepting students!
Austyn is so excited, and so am I.  Bryan really isn't at all, but it is only because he doesn't want to sit through a ballet recital ;)

Last night, we were able to "audition" at her new studio.  It is a one-hour class, and it is a tap/ballet combination.  Moms aren't allowed to go back and watch, so I didn't actually see how she did (nor was I able to take pictures), but the teacher said she did fantastic.  We plan to enroll her in January.

Like I said, I couldn't go back with her to get pictures, but here are a few that I snapped before we left the house.

After class, she couldn't stop running and twirling and giggling.  She had an absolute blast.  When I asked her what she learned, she just said, "I twirled around and around and around and I fell!  And I tap, tap, tapped all over the floor!!"

I can't wait to see my little ballerina princess on stage :)


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