Friday, April 8, 2011

A Weekend Away

I mentioned before that we spent last weekend at Toledo Bend with Bryan's family.  Here are a few (hundred) photos from the weekend.

I don't think I even need to say how much fun these boys had on the boat ;)

No telling what didn't go her way...

Parrian J shooting with Gannon

I love the bond that these two have.  They have shared it since she was born.  Dakota even asked once if he could take her home.  When his mom told him I would be sad, he said, "That's okay, she can have Karsyn!" 

If  you didn't get dirty, then you didn't have fun!

They took a short break for lunch...

...right back out to play!
If you are thinking that he looks guilty, he is.  On the other end of that stick is a dead fish that he pulled out of the water to play with.  Yuck! :/

Anxiously watching the "Big Boys" get the boat ready to take out on the water.

This one slept for the first hour of the ride!

When she finally woke up, she went straight to the captain's chair!

This one crashed within minutes of getting back to the camp :-)

We can't wait to get together again!

Days 49-56

I have got to get better at updating...
This is the latest in the project I have been working on this year.

Day 49
A Morning Bath
We don't usually take baths in the morning, but everyone fell asleep last night before we could get to it.  I think they enjoyed it :)

Day 50
Pa'Pa's Lil Captains
We spent this weekend at our family's camp at Toledo Bend.  Bryan's parents, brother, and his brother's two boys were there, also.  We had some long overdue relaxing family time.  Saturday, we took the boat out for a ride, and as you can see, it was a huge hit!

Day 51
Every holiday/season we try to get pictures of all four kids together.  Since we moved, that has been hard.  I took this opportunity to snap some shots of these precious babies playing and having fun.  This is one of my favorites.

Day 52
Daddy's Little Golfer

Day 53
A Tea Party With a Princess
Bryan's nanny had a wicker furniture set that she bought for her own granddaughter, who is now 16.  Being that it was sitting at her house and not being used, she passed it down to Austyn, who was beyond excited!! She immediately set up a tea party with her besties :)

Day 54
My Vice

Day 55
So the kids were playing outside this afternoon while I was doing some housework.  I peeked out the window and saw them riding together. I HAD to get the camera out for that one!

Day 56
(almost) Naked Golfer
Why are my kids happiest without clothes?  Are they the only ones?

Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 48

Bryan and I were watching American Idol with the munchkins (great season, by the way), and we both happened to glance out the window at the same time.  This is what we saw; a beautiful orange, purple, and pink sunset.  We immediately grabbed cameras and kids and headed outside.  Gannon even grabbed his camera to get a few shots :)

Day 47

So I have already done the "Piggy Massacre" update, but here is my photo for the project.

The Great Piggy Massacre

The Great Piggy Massacre of 2011

You might be wondering, "What exactly is a 'Piggy Massacre'?"  For those of you who know my children well, you may be thinking, "Oh no!  I hope it's not what I think it is!"  Well, if you have an idea, you are probably right. 

I'll start by saying that my Austyn-Baby adores piggies.  Loves them with all of her tiny little heart.  She loves them so much, that at every gift-giving opportunity, at least one person gives her a piggy-bank.  She has had a great collection.  There are even a few more that aren't pictured below.

Gannon, always trying to help, likes to take the piggies off the shelf so they can play with them.  Despite the repeated warnings that climbing up there was dangerous, and that the piggies were glass, he just had to get those piggies down for his sister.  Here is the outcome:

The Destruction

The Victims

Bryan tried to save this one... But to no avail.

The Culprit
If you look closely, you can still see a tinge of blood under his right nostril.  It barely bled at all.  I am pretty sure his tears were more out of fear than pain.  I think he'll be just fine.

The survivors
In the aftermath, there were four deaths, one serious injury, and other mild injuries.  Four of her large ceramic piggies had to be laid to rest.  One is undergoing super-glue treatments and the prognosis is still unclear.  Her two plastic piggies and tiny ceramic piggy managed to escape the terrible ordeal. 

I think it is safe to say that Gannon will no longer be climbing on that armoire :)


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