Friday, April 8, 2011

A Weekend Away

I mentioned before that we spent last weekend at Toledo Bend with Bryan's family.  Here are a few (hundred) photos from the weekend.

I don't think I even need to say how much fun these boys had on the boat ;)

No telling what didn't go her way...

Parrian J shooting with Gannon

I love the bond that these two have.  They have shared it since she was born.  Dakota even asked once if he could take her home.  When his mom told him I would be sad, he said, "That's okay, she can have Karsyn!" 

If  you didn't get dirty, then you didn't have fun!

They took a short break for lunch...

...right back out to play!
If you are thinking that he looks guilty, he is.  On the other end of that stick is a dead fish that he pulled out of the water to play with.  Yuck! :/

Anxiously watching the "Big Boys" get the boat ready to take out on the water.

This one slept for the first hour of the ride!

When she finally woke up, she went straight to the captain's chair!

This one crashed within minutes of getting back to the camp :-)

We can't wait to get together again!

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