Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A New Friend

I don't have much to say, but these were too funny not to share!

Gannon and Austyn have a new friend, and I videoed their reactions to him.

Here is Miss Austyn:

And here is Gannon:

Sorry, I don't know how to turn them.  If you know how, leave me a comment!

Father's Day

In addition to the Rangers game, the kids had some special gifts for their special Daddy.

First, we went out and took photos for Daddy!

Because they did so well for the first shoot, I had them do a silly shoot, too.

It is hard to get a good shot of all three right now!  Actually, it is hard to get one of Mia period, ha!

*I love that G has the D backwards!*

Then they made him special cards.  I did an interview with each one separately, so they couldn't hear each other's answers.  This is what they came up with.  I think they are pretty sweet!

 Happy Father's Day, Bryan!  We love you!

Mia is 3 Months!

You are definitely "The Happiest Baby on the Block!"  You have your fussy moments--I would be worried if you didn't--but overall, you just go with the flow!

You make it known when you are hungry, which is still every 2-3 hours when you are awake.  You still get really upset when you are tired.  You have finally started to let me rock you to sleep!  I love it!  If you cry and it is not time to eat, and you are clean, then I can sit in the rocking chair with you, pop your pacifier in your little mouth, and cover you are out within two minutes every time!

You like your pacifier now.  You don't love it, and you don't require it much, but you like to fall asleep with it.

You also love loved your swing.  I say loved because our second swing just broke.  You love the motion and the music.  Daddy is performing major surgery on it right now, and hopefully he is successful.  If not, I hope we can get you another one soon!

You are such a good sleeper!  You have moved your bedtime up even more, falling asleep between 9:30 and 10:30.  You wake around 4:00 to nurse and then you sleep until about 8:00.  You usually take several naps during the day.  Two of them are 3-4 hours! 

Bath time = fun time!  You love it!  You are starting to realize that the water splashes when you kick your feet!  You can read more about fun in the tub here.

It's official!  You are a super-smiler!  All we have to do is smile at you and you smile right back.  You also like silly faces and noises.  You even try to make some of them back at us!

You are so aware of everything around you.  You follow us across the room when we move, and you love mobiles. 

Here you are talking to your "friends" on your mobile:

You also love the fan!  You can find it as soon as we walk into a room, no matter where we are.  You find it, fixate on it, and smile.

You are getting so playful.  Your brother and sister love to talk to you and make silly faces at you, because you are responding to them more and more!

Here you are smiling at Gannon:

And here is Austyn reading you a story:

You are looking, to me, more and more like Austyn.  I love to look back at their old baby pictures and compare them to you.  You are all three so different, yet I can see bits and pieces of all three of you in each other.

I think that you make the cutest pouty lip ever.  Ever!  I hate when you make it because it means you are sad, but it is just the cutest thing!

Here you are in your Tiger diaper!  Geaux Tigers!!

Happy 3 month birthday, Baby-Girl!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day Weekend

This weekend we celebrated Bryan for being the greatest husband and Daddy we could ever imagine.  And just what does the perfect guy want to do for his special weekend?  He wants to surprise his kids with a trip to LegoLand and the Sea Life Aquarium!  That is just one of the things that makes him so great.

Here is a photo of Mia just as we arrived in Dallas.  She had no idea what was going on, but I guess she could just feel the excitement.

LegoLand was amazing!  We are definitely going to have to go back.  The kids loved it!  I wish I could have taken more photos, but it was pretty crowded.  Here is Austyn playing in the entrance.  There were piles of Legos set up for the kids to play with while they waited to get into the Lego Factory.  In the Lego Factory, the kids have to generate energy by jumping up and down.  This powers up the factory to make Lego bricks.  They got to see the process, and when it was finished, they each got their own special brick.

When we left the factory, we entered Lego Land.  The land of Legos!  Everything, and I mean everything was made of Legos!  Our first stop was a ride called Kingdom Quest.  The kids and Bryan rode in a cart through the land of "Lego bad guys "  They had to shoot them to earn points.  They loved it!!

In the background, you can see Lego City Play Zone and Fire Academy.  It is a play land with tunnel slides (built of Legos) and a Lego pit with giant Legos for building.  Austyn was a just a little bit too short to enter this play zone, but Gannon had a blast.  He raced in so quickly that he didn't even notice Austyn was not allowed in.  When he did notice, though, he came to play with her in the smaller one.  What a great brother!! 

I couldn't get any photos of him in there because he was so dang fast!  Ha :)

Here is Austyn playing in the smaller Lego pit called Duplo Village.

Mimi, check it out!  Mia even found an elephant!

After they played with the Legos for a while, Gannon and Bryan got in line for another ride, Merlin's Apprentice. 

Austyn and I went to Princess Palace.  Here, there was a karaoke stage and tables full of legos.  The princesses were to build their own microphones and then sing on the stage.  Austyn had lots of fun building, but I could not get her near the stage!  Very unlike her ;)

Here are Gannon and Bryan enjoying Merlin's Apprentice.  The faster the pedaled, the higher they went.  I love the excitement on both their faces!

Here is Miniland.  This is where they have built downtown Dallas completely of Legos!  They even built Rangers Ballpark in Arlington!

Finally, we made it to the gift shop.  The kids are standing in front of the Lego wall.  It looks like a candy shoppe!  At this wall, you can build your own bag of Legos.  There were so many colors!

On to Sea Life Aquarium!!

This is one of my favorite photos of the day!  These are shore fish, so they have to stimulate waves.  Just as soon as he walked up to the fish, a big rush of water came gushing out from this hole.  His reaction was priceless!

Here, they got to hold starfish and sea shells.

I know that seems like a pretty packed day, but the fun and surprises aren't over yet!  That's right, there's more!

See, two of their favorite cousins live just outside of Dallas, in Keller.  Boy, were they surprised and excited to see each other!  They stayed up until 2am.  Yes, 2:00 AM!  They were just too excited to settle down.  I cannot believe that after such a long day (with basically no naps) that they were still functioning with no melt downs!

Sunday morning, all the kiddos were awake by 8.  Yes, that's right.  Six hours of sleep.  Boy, this is going to be a long day!  My kids sleep later than that when they go to bed at a normal time!  But, again, they were fine.  I guess they were running on adrenaline.

That morning, we had a Father's Day pancake breakfast.  It was great!  I wish I had pictures, but to be completely honest, it never crossed my mind to take the camera out.  Oops :(

Oh well, on to the game!  This was the reason for our trip.  The kids and I got Bryan tickets to the Rangers for Father's Day.  Earlier in the week, Bryan suggested we try to catch a game this weekend, so I had to blow the surprise.  Otherwise we would have ended up with two sets of tickets!

When we first got there, the heat was just miserable.  I was so worried about Mia, and just knew that we would spend most of the game walking the halls where it was cooler.  Within about twenty minutes of finding our seats, a huge cloud settled right over the stadium, and stayed there for the whole game!  Whew!  It ended up being really great!!

Happy Father's Day, Bryan!  Thank you for all you do for us!  We couldn't ask for better!
Thank you, Daddy for teaching me by your example, and thank you, Bryan, for not only living up to it, but for teaching our kids as well!  I love you both, so, so much!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Vacation Means....

Yet another school year has come to a close, which means summer vacay is officially here!  Thanks to our little Mia-Girl, we have been enjoying an extended vacation :)

Summer vacation means...

Awards Ceremonies.

Gannon's first real tee-ball season has ended.  He had so much fun, and he was so excited that he got a trophy!  He's practically a pro ;)

...shaving every day.

....playing around the house in our jammies all day,

and loving it!

.....playing so hard all day that we just crash wherever we land at night.

....getting to make messes for breakfast because we aren't rushing out the door!

....we smile uncontrollably!

What does summer vacation mean to you?


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