Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tiny Dancer

Ball-change, cha cha cha!

You guessed it! Last night was Austyn's very first ballet recital! She had the time of her life! I never realized how hard it would be to prepare a three-year-old for a recital! Make-up, hair, etc...Not easy to do on a tiny little person! Here is what we got. I think she is the prettiest ballerina princess ever, but I may be just a little partial ;)

Austyn even had a special visitor come to surprise her all the way from Bossier City!

Here is the proud big brother waiting patiently for the show to begin:

After Austyn was dressed and ready, he told her, "You look really nice. Actually, you are pretty much gorgeous!" He can be so sweet!!

Here is a shot of the two of them before she went back stage:

There was no flash photography allowed at the recital, so these photos are pretty, um, interesting. Just pretend they are clear...You get the idea!

She wasn't the best little tapper, she mainly just stood there and smiled. Oh, and waved to us, a lot!

She did much better with her ballet routine. She there was hardly a time when all the girls were together, but that is the best part of the little ones' routine!

This one really makes me laugh...

My sweet little princess, I couldn't be any more proud!
She even got flowers, which totally made her night. She thought she was something else!

First recital was a success! Congratulations, my Tiny Dancer!

.....I guess Mia was a little jealous that she didn't get to dance ;)


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