My "Nonnie" Journal

Well, I know I am incredibly late, but better late than never, right?

My Nonnie, a wonderfully quirky and amazing woman, has always kept a journal of everything her children and grandchildren said and did.  She even has some recorded on cassette tapes.  Now, with the technology age we are dwelling in, I am able to keep an electronic version of her journal that everyone can keep up with.  This is more for me than anyone else, as a way to keep track of my awesome munchkins.

We were shopping at The Children's Place for summer clothes for the kiddos when Austyn spotted some tees with Strawberry Shortcake, Belle, and Hello Kitty.  She immediately found her size and insisted she and Mia have matching shirts.  She started pulling out "baby" shirts for Mia, but I explained that those would be much too small.
This is how the conversation went:
Me: Mia needs  2T.
Austyn: MOM!!  Doesn't Mia already have a tootie like me?
Me:  Yes, ha!  Mia has a tootie like you.  I didn't say tootie, I said she wears a 2T.
Austyn:  But, Mommy, why does she have to wear a tootie?  I don't have to wear's just on me!
By the way...she is getting louder and louder...

As I was picking the kids up from day care, someone asked them, "Is your mommy going to have a baby?"
Gannon responded, "No, WE are going to have a baby!"
He didn't even have to think about it.  He knows that it is his baby, too, and that this is happening to our family--not to me. 
Proud Mommy right here!

So, you may remember a few months ago we asked Austyn why she couldn't help pick up toys.
Her response?  "I am too beautiful!

Well, today Bryan asked her how she was so beautiful.
Bryan:  Austyn, how are you so beautiful?
Austyn, without even thinking:  Because I don't pick up!

Austyn:  Here, Mommy!
Me:  What is it?
Austyn, holding out her finger:  It's a booger, Mommy.  I picked it myself!
Me"  Oh, thanks?

Me:  Oh, Gannon.  I have never met anyone who just doesn't listen like you.
Gannon:  Well, now you have!

Austyn:  Mommy, say this--Austyn, what's that wet stuff in your panties?
Me:  Uh-oh!

Gannon was teaching Austyn about "boyfriends and girlfriends" and he explained to her that our neighbor, Chaz would have to be her boyfriend.
Her response: "I want my Uncle E to be my boyfriend!"

Me: Austyn Elisabeth, why can't you help pick up toys?
Austyn {taps her chin}: Um, because I'm too beautiful.
Oh. My. Word.

Austyn, randomly, to Bryan: I didn't do it.
Bryan: Do what?
Austyn: Anything bad!

Last night, we were showing Gannon the word "Louisiana" on the hot sauce bottle. Austyn got exited and said, "I know Da-weezy-anna!! My Mimi and the crocodiles live there!!!"

Austyn and Gannon were fighting over a Happy Meal toy in the truck this morning. This was their conversation:

Gannon: You have to share!
Austyn: No, I don't! I got it at Oh MY Donald's. See, MINE!! I do NOT have to share it!

Austyn: Mommy! I have a livery for you!
Me: Really? A livery? :)
Austyn: Yep! I'm the livery bird!
Translated = Delivery ;)

Me: Austyn, can you please go put on some panties?
A: Um, you bet me partner?
---Translated = I beg your pardon?

Austyn and Gannon are playing "Mommy and baby".....
Austyn: I think I need to go tee tee.
Me: Well, you better hurry. Mommies don't tee tee in their panties.
Austyn: Well, this mommy just did!

 Gannon: Geez Austyn! What the hell are you doing?
Me:  Gannon Lee!  What did you just say??
Gannon:  I saaaid, "Austyn!  What the heeellllll are you doing??!

We surprised the munchkins with a trip to the theater to see Cars 2.  This was our conversation when we arrived:Gannon: Huh...We must be coming to see Cars 2.
Me: And just how do you know that?
Gannon {shrugs shoulders}: I am just that smart :)

Me: Okay, you two...Don't come out of this room until you have picked up these toys {closes door}.
Gannon: So, Austyn, you just wanna stay in here and play instead?
Austyn: Yeah...yep...that's a great idea, Gannon!

Austyn: Mommy, we need all the hangers!
Me: Why do you need hangers?
Austyn: Because!! Gannon and me are hanging out!!

Me: Gannon, please stop shouting at Austyn, you are so loud.
Gannon: Well, I am trying to see the TV, but she won't move out of the damn way!
Bryan and I, looking at each other: Ooops! :/

Austyn: Mimi, Mimi!! I saw a wast with my maga-sying glass!

Austyn just came running out of my room with my bra: Mommy!! I playin' with your boobies!!

Gannon: UM, Bre Bre is my girlfriend, now.
Me: Oh, really?
Gannon: Yep. Because I love her!
Me: Oh, yeah?
Gannon: Yeah, and I'm gonna marry her, too!


At the dinner table:
Gannon: Mommy, you are a genius. And Daddy, you are a genius, too!
Austyn: Yeah, and Gannon, too!
Gannon: No, I am not a genius because I don't listen.
Austyn: Oh yeah. You never listen.
Gannon: Yeah, I can only listen if someone fights me at 9:00.

After Gannon got in trouble for running full speed behind Austyn and tacking her:
Gannon: Austyn, I'm sorry I pushed you.
Austyn: It's okay. And I'm sorry...Mommy spanked you.

Bryan wrapped Austyn up in her princess towel after her bath.
Austyn: Look Mommy! I a princess!!
Me: Yes, you are Mommy's beautiful princess>
Austyn, dropping the towel: The princess is free!! IIIIII freeeeeeee!!!!
Austyn: Mommy, is this fruit punch? Is it really true??!!
Me: Yes, Austyn. It's fruit punch.
Austyn: Oh boy!! I sure do love fruit punch!!

Austyn, crying: "Gannon kicked me!"
Gannon: Well, she kicked me right in the boys, so I had to kick her back.
Bryan: Austyn Elisabeth! Why did you kick your brother??
Austyn: He kicked me in the girls!

Gannon:  Mommy, I need to tell you something.
Me:  Okay, what?
Gannon:  No. I have to tell you in my room.
Me:  Okay, let's go.
Gannon:  You know what Mommy?  If I wake up in the middle of the night, when everyone is asleep, if I need to tee tee, I am just going to get out of my bed and go to the potty.
Me:  That's awesome, Gannon!!  I will be so proud if you can wake up dry!
Gannon:  Yep, in the middle of the night, I am going to be awake, and I will go to the potty.
Me:  Awesome!
Gannon:  Now, what if I get hungry, too?
You have to know that we have had a Cookie Monster in our house lately.  He sneaks in our kitchen in the  middle of the night and eats all our cookies.  He hides the crumbs and containers on the floor in Gannon's closet.
Just before this conversation, I pulled a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies from the oven.  I think he may have been warning us about another attack :)

Austyn, while eating donuts at the table:  Mommy!  I falled my donut down!

Austyn, while walking in on Daddy in the bathroom:  Daddy, you don't have a tooty.  I have a tooty...and I showed Gannon.

Austyn: I don't want Gannon to sleep with me.
Me:  Why not?
Austyn: He tee tees in the bed.


 Austyn requested one of her favorite shows, Eyeballs.
 For those not familiar with nick jr, that is "Oswald".
Haha :)

We were having a quiet meal last night when Bryan inched his chair closer to the table causing the wood to rub the tile.  Right on cue Gannon shouted, "Hey!  Who farted??"  Who taught him that word??


As we were sitting down to supper one evening, Austyn pointed over Bryan's shoulder and said, "I want a fuckin."  WHAT??!?!!  We could not begin to imagine what she wanted, but she kept repeating it and pointing.  It dawned on us...We gave her a napkin, and she said, "Yes, a fuckin!"  Lord help us!

nabbit, but to our dismay, it came out of G's mouth as god dammit.  Ooops!!

Bryan and Austyn were rocking in his chair and watching Max and Ruby, a current obsession for Austyn, when Gannon came in to tell me a story.  Bryan chimed in with Gannon and me, and suddenly Austyn was shouting, "Hey!  I can't hear anybody!"  Anybody is her word for everybody.
Me: Gannon, what did you do on your field trip?

G: I painted.
Me: What did you paint?
G: I painted Pawpaw Duffy in my heart.
Me: ♥
Austyn was sitting next to me on the couch and she started giggling.  I asked her what was so funny.  Her reply: I tooted!!
Miss Priss!
**As Halloween approached, Gannon grew anxious about Trick-or-Treating.  He was so excited and proud to tell his sister all about the great event.  Included in his explanation was a (somewhat) familiar song:

Trick-or-Treat, smell my feet,
Give me something good to eat!
If you don't, I don't care!
I'll pull down my underwear!

**Gannon's version of "God is Great"
God is great.
God is good.
Let us spank him for our food.

**I finally managed to get out of the house with no children (this means Bryan agreed to stay home alone with both of them) for just an hour or so to go grocery shopping.  When I opened the door, I was greeted by a completely dark and mostly quiet house.  Gannon ran up to me to explain.  He said, very matter-of-fact-ly, "Shhhh!  Mommy, your baby girl is sleeping.  She was crying all the time, and she was getting on Daddy's nerds."


**20-month-old Austyn brought my phone to me saying, "I wan a hello Daddy!"

We were eating at Fisherman's Galley at Toledo Bend with Bryan's parents.  I squeezed some ketchup onto my plate, and it made the sound.  Gannon, about 20 months or so, gasped, "Momma, you tooted?"
"No, baby.  That was the ketchup bottle."
"Daddy, you tooted?"
No, Gannon.  The ketchup made that noise."
Well, he knew Papa was too far away to have made a noise that loud, so he deduced (loudly), "Ha-ha!!  Mama' tooted!!"
Everyone in earshot looked at our table and snickered.

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