Friday, December 9, 2011

A Letter from Santa

This morning when we woke up, we were shocked to find two new friends under our Christmas tree.  Perry was hiding up in the tree, and he had something in his hand.

The kids were so excited to see their new friends!  But they didn't even notice Perry!  They had to look a little bit for him..

Don't worry, though.  We found him!  But what is he holding??

It was a letter from Santa!!

In his letter, Santa explained how Perry had told him that Austyn was sad that she could not hug and kiss him.  He also told her how proud he was that she was such a sweet little girl who listens to her Mommy and Daddy most of the time.  So he sent her a new friend.

I'm not the Elf on the Shelf
that you know.
I do not fly
through the ice and the snow.
My job is simply
to stay here and play.
You can touch me and squeeze me
and love me all day!

She is so excited to have an elf-friend that she can hug and kiss any time she wants!  She named her new friend, Snowflake.

Santa told Gannon about Perry's reports on him, too.  Santa told Gannon that Perry told him that he hasn't been very nice to his sister.  But he also told Santa that he is doing really well in school, and that he tries really hard to be nice to Austyn.  So, because he is trying, Santa sent a friend for him, too!  Gannon named his new friend Chippey :)

This is what happens when I try to get a posed photo of these two crazy kiddos!

Thanks, Mawmaw!

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