Thursday, December 1, 2011

Just a Little Note

Perry has been doing a great job of surprising the kids each morning.  This morning, he even chose a new room.  Not only did he choose a new room, but he also left the kids a little note!  They were double-surprised this morning!

This morning, We found Perry in the kids' bathroom with a Sharpie marker in his hands. 
"Why did he need a Sharpie marker?" one might ask...

Well, I'll tell you.  He used it to leave the kids a little note on their mirror.  It read:

"Don't forget to brush your teeth :)
Love, Perry"

Gannon was first in the bathroom this morning because he took a bath. 
*I don't have any photos of him this morning for that reason*

He couldn't wait to show his sister what Perry had been up to while they slept.

Austyn just adores Perry!  You can see her little eyes light up every time she sees him, but the first time she sees him in the morning is always the best.

Just look at the adoration in that sweet little girl :)

She was so proud that Perry had written her a note :)

After Gannon got out of the tub and got dressed, I took some photos of him brushing his teeth with Perry.  I did not, however, notice that Austyn was sitting on the potty (naked) behind him....Ooops.  So that is why there are no photos of Gannon...
**Bad, bad Mommy :(**

In other news, we are going to the doctor today for an ultrasound!  I am so excited.  Even though we aren't finding out the sex, I am beyond ecstatic to see my littlest munchkin on screen!  What's more...We are bringing Gannon and Austyn along with us so they can see, too.  We are hoping this makes things a little bit more real for them.

Stay tuned for the pictures from Baby M's second photo shoot!

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