Friday, December 30, 2011

Santa Came to Longview!

We have decided that it is more important to be with family than to be home on Christmas morning; at least for now.  In order to do this, we had to come up with a "Santa Plan". Meaning, how will Santa visit our kiddos?  Will we leave him a map?  Will his reindeer be able to find us?  Etc, etc...  We decided that Santa will visit our house on Christmas Eve, just like he does every other family.  We just aren't there Christmas morning to see what he left for us--we see it a couple of days later.  We sprinkle reindeer food in our yard before we leave for Lake Charles so that they know to stop even though we aren't home.

This is the second year we have done it this way, and it seems to work well.  It even helps the munchkins to want to come home after our stay with family.  They are never quite ready to leave (I can't say I blame them), so this gives them something to look forward to upon arriving at home.  Plus, it makes Christmas last just a little bit longer :)

This is what we had waiting for us when we got home:

Do you think they were excited??

Here is their first glimpse

Gannon is so over taking pictures.  I have a ton of them, it's just that none are usable.  Little turkey. 

Austyn, on the other hand, is a total cheese ball!

She was so excited that she got a guitar just like Daddy and Gannon!

The best gift of all, I couldn't get photos of....They didn't quite know what it was when they opened it, so I will have to take more photos of them using it.

Those will have to wait for another post, so stay tuned ;)

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