Thursday, December 8, 2011

All Aboard!!

The Polar Express

Yesterday, my school, Austen-Coley Academy, took a field trip.  They were gracious enough to ask my little munchkins to tag along.  They. Had. A. Blast!

We went to the Texas State Railroad in Palestine, TX.  It is a little over an hour from Longview.  Every year at Christmas time, they transform into The Polar Express.  If you have never heard this story, check it out here.

I wish I could have photographed their faces when we saw the train and began to board, but there was just no way.  I was loaded down with blankets (It was 30 degrees out and the train is not heated), lunches, and the camera bag, and just couldn't do it. 

When we were boarding, we had to walk through four or five cars before we got to ours.  The kids were so excited, they sat in every open seat along the way just ready to get started.  We finally found our seats and got all our blankets and such situated.
Do you think she was excited?

First, the attendants came around with cookies and cocoa.  Each person got a snickerdoodle and a cup of hot chocolate.

Then, we were off!  To the North Pole, that is.  We had to pick up a very special passenger!  Along the ride, we ate our cookies, drank our hot chocolate, sang Christmas carols, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

You have probably heard me mention our neighbors, Mr. Jim and Mrs. Cynthia.  They live across the street from us, and have totally adopted our kids as grandchildren.  Well, Mrs. Cynthia also works with me, so she was also on the train with us.  Here she is laughing with Gannon and singing  Christmas carols with them.

Just before we arrived at the North Pole, the conductor came around to punch our tickets.  Austyn was a little bit nervous at first, but after he punched her ticket and handed it back to her, she couldn't stop giggling!

At the North Pole, we picked up a very special passenger.  There were so many cars, though, it took him a while to get to ours.  While we waited, we sang carols and danced in the isles.  Austyn had a blast, but Gannon was too shy to go with them.

I think they are a little bit excited...What do you think these two have seen??

Yep!  Santa Claus was on our train!!

Austyn was too excited and stunned to move.  Gannon, however, did not hesitate.  He jumped from his seat to give Santa a big hug! 
As he was passing, Austyn decided to sneak a quick hug around his leg.  I wasn't fast enough to snap that one, but it was super cute!

After Santa left, I told them, "This was so much fun!  The only thing that would have made this any better is if Daddy could be here with us."

Gannon, without even hesitating, replied, "No, the only thing that would make this better would be if I had ice cream!"

Oh, my goodness...definitely my child!

We had such a great time on The Polar Express!

If you have little ones, you should definitely look into this for them.  It was a really great time.

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  1. I hope they rememebered (or you remind them the next time y'all watch Alice in Lunderland)the train scene when the ticket master comes around asking for "Tickets, tickets, tickets, tickets, tickets please!"



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