Monday, December 5, 2011

Perry in the Kitchen

When Perry got back from the North Pole, he must have been hungry.  He made himself some "elf pancakes".  He was even thoughtful enough to make some extra for Gannon and Austyn!

So here's Perry, sitting in a bowl of chocolate chips!

Austyn was so, so excited!

"Daddy!!  Perry made me ELF PANCAKES!!  And he even gave me chocolate chips, too!!"

Then, she turned to Perry,

"Thank you so much Perry!  I just love pancakes!"

Gannon's mouth was too full to talk, but that's good, right? 

Here is Gannon giving Perry an "air five."

Wow, that Perry sure is something else!  I love having him around.  Nothing beats the smiles on the faces of my little angels!!

Saint Gerard, pray for us.
Saint Philomena, pray for us.

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