Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas with the Manuels

Sunday, we celebrated Christmas with Bryan's parents, brother, and our nephews.  It was such a beautiful day, so the boys decided to play football outside.  Here are a few photos from the fun.

I just love watching them play together!

He was so proud of himself for hanging with the "big boys".

Pa'pa even got in on the action! 

This is how a princess plays football :)

My silly girl!

She actually played for a few minutes...

Okay, so aren't they just the cutest!  I love when they play together!

Of course, what the kiddos were ready for was presents!  Who isn't ready for presents when they go to their grandparents house for Christmas, right?

These are four of the silliest, sweetest, cutest munchkins I know!  Love them so big :)

And this one, here...Haha!  He was hilarious!  He was so excited about everything!  It was really sweet to watch his face just light up with excitement over and over again.

Ma'Ma got them a Melissa and Doug art easel and supply kit!  So fun!!

Stay tuned for more Christmas festivities of 2011!

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