Saturday, December 10, 2011

Perry's Midnight Ride

I guess you can tell by looking at this photo that Perry had some fun last night while we slept...But do you know what he did??

He pulled all the hot wheels out and made roads out of tape!  That little sneaker!

Austyn was the first one up, and she walked right over everything without even noticing.  All she was worried about was her "coffeet" milk.  We asked her what was all over the floor, and she just gasped.

Who did all this??

After playing for a minute, she looked to the tree (where Perry was yesterday), and noticed his spot was empty.  The search was on...


Gannon was shocked to see that Perry had his car, and even more shocked that the cars were out of hiding.

**Background Story**
Gannon and Austyn have been so terrible about picking up their toys, that most of them have been put away.  Their cars are one of those things that have been put away until they can prove that they know how to pick up their toys.

Hey!  How did all the cars get out here??

Just playing along, Bryan asked, "Which one of you snuck into our room and took the cars out?"

Gannon's response:

He did it!

And no one worry...
Austyn got her coffeet! 

Thank you, Perry!

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