Saturday, November 26, 2011

Perry the Elf

We are starting a new Christmas tradition at our house this year.  It is called Elf on the Shelf.

Here is the story:

"At holiday time
Santa sends me to you.
I watch and report on all that you do.
My job's an assignment
from Santa himself.
I am his helper,
a friendly scout elf."

"The first time I come to the place you call home
you quickly must give me a name of my own.
Once you are finished my mission can start."

After much deliberation, our elf was given the name Perry.

This morning, Perry arrived at our house for the first time.  Austyn was so excited when she came to the table for breakfast and realized he was here!

Gannon couldn't wait to read the book and start the search for Perry.

"Each night while you're sleeping
to Santa I'll fly
to the North Pole
right through the dark sky.
Of course Christmas magic
helps me to be quick.
I laugh with my friends
and report to Saint Nick."

"I tell him if you have been good or been bad.
The news of the day makes him happy or sad.
A push or a shove I'll report to 'the Boss,'
but small acts of kindness will not be a loss."

"I'll be back at your home before you awake,
and then you must find the new spot I will take.
You'll jump out of ed and come running to see:
who'll be the first to spy little old me?"

It took a little bit of searching, but Gannon finally spotted Perry...

Austyn was right behind him :)

"There's only one rule that you have to follow
so I will come back and be here tomorrow:
Please do not touch me.  My magic might go,
and Santa won't hear all I've seen or I know.
I won't get to tell him that you've said your prayers,
or helped to bake cookies,
or cleaned off the stairs.
How will he know how good you have been?
He might start to think you forgot about him.
I can't speak to you, so says Santa Claus.
All of us elves have to follow his laws.
I'll listen to you.  Tell me your wishes.
Would you like a game or some tiny toy dishes?
The gleam in my eye and my bright little smile
shows you I'm listening and noting your file.
The final decision with Santa now rests.
What do you think?
Will you get your request?
The night before Christmas my job's at an end.
The rest of the year with Santa I'll spend.So blow me a kiss and bid me farewell. 
I'll fly away when I hear Santa's bell.
Of course, I will miss you,
but wait 'til next year.
When the holidays come I'll again reappear."

Bryan and I are very excited about this new tradition for our kids.  We have some big plans for Perry, so stay tuned!

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