Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Here, We Love Purple and Live Gold

Here in the south, we take football seriously.  Especially SEC football.  Being from Louisiana, we are a  Tiger family.  We love purple and live gold.  We win with them, and we lose with them.


I am sure most of you know that last night was a semi-important game.  We prepared for it much like we did any other game.  We dressed in full purple and gold attire, and baked some yummy goodies!

"L-S-U!!  L-S-U!!"

She is such a great little helper!

She was very proud of her "Ella-Shoe" cupcakes.  She wanted to eat all the batter ;)

Here is Austyn's creation going in.....

...and here it is coming out.
*Gannon was too busy playing Kinect with Daddy to have any interest in the kitchen*

That is, until it was time to decorate!  He finally made an appearance!  Like me, he was upset that we couldn't find any purple sprinkles, sugar crystals, or other toppings.  We only had yellow, but hey, we rocked it!

Yum, yum!

Geaux Tigers!!

Although we lost the battle, I still believe we won the war.  These cupcakes are still celebratory.  They represent a beyond great season.  LSU had an undefeated season with the toughest schedule in college football.  It has been said that this team is among the greatest in college football history.  We may have lost last night (in an epic fail!), but we are still very proud of our Tigers!  We are eagerly awaiting next season and can't wait to see what's in store!

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