Monday, April 2, 2012

A Whirlwind Week

To say last week was a whirlwind would be an understatement.  Mia's first week flew by so quickly we almost missed it!  Just like her birth ;)

Mia had lots of company her first week here with us.  I don't know what she thought about it, but Bryan and I sure loved every second of it!

Her very first visitor wasn't even caught on film because, like I said before, we didn't have the camera with us.  I was so sad to not have a picture of her and Laura together, but there will me more photo ops in the future.

The big brother and sister couldn't be more in love with their new little sister!  They are just so sweet to her, it melts my heart.  Watching them love on her and seeing their little hearts so full of love and pride just makes my heart explode with happiness!

Mimi and Pappy weren't able to make it to the hospital the day she was born because everything happened so quickly.  They made it in around midnight, so they came up first thing the next morning. 

They are totally smitten with their new little princess.

It was so great to have Mom and Dad here with us this week.  They were such a huge help.  They did all the cleaning and cooking, which really allowed me to rest and recover.

Parrain Micha even stopped by to meet the tiny princess on his way to Keller.

Mama' and Papa' made it in Friday night.  Here are their first glimpses of their fifth grand-baby...and their caboose, too!

I think it goes without saying that everyone is so excited that Mia is finally here!  I can't wait to share more with you, but it may take a little while seeing as how it took me four days to compile this post!  Ha :)

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