Monday, April 23, 2012

All Star!

Tee ball is hilarious.  I mean, really!  These kids don't have a clue!  They sure are cute, though :)

Bryan is helping coach the team this year, and Gannon just loves it!  It's not the best on the field, though.... Every time he catches the ball, he turns to show Bryan instead of completing the play, ha! 

My little stud :)

He got a double!!

Rounding third for the score!

My boys :)

Bryan's co-worker, Zach, is also helping coach the team.  His son, Brantley, and Gannon have become the best of friends!  He has a little brother, Ramsey, who is two.  He and Austyn have a blast playing in the dirt and yelling at their daddies and brothers on the field.  I'll try to get photos of them next time :)

I may be biased, but I love this little face!

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