Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Time is Flying!

My sweet Mia, I can't believe you are already a month old!  It seems like just yesterday you were teasing me and keeping me guessing about your arrival.  Well, you are here now, and I can't imagine our lives without you.  You are so sweet and so perfect, and I just can't believe how much we love you!

You are such a happy baby.  You really only cry when you are hungry or tired.  You hate to be tired!  I guess you think you will miss something really important.  If holding you doesn't immediately comfort you, then we know you are tired. 

You have a love/hate relationship with swaddle blankets.  You sleep best when swaddled.  You just love it.  But, like I said above, you hate being tired, and you hate going to sleep.  Therefore, swaddling makes you angry at first.  I guess you know that you aren't going to win the battle, ha!  After we swaddle you up and rock you, it's over.  Two, three minutes, tops!

You are a really good sleeper!  Your first two nights home with us were rough, only because you slept all day and partied all night.  Then, we got a tip to keep you in as much natural light as possible.  It worked!  You started staying awake more during the day and taking your naps at night.  Happy Mommy and Daddy!  From your third night home, your schedule pretty much remained the same.  You eat a lot between 6 and midnight, then you sleep until 4.  You don't even cry to eat, you just grunt until I pick you up.  You don't really even open your eyes.  You wake again around 8, and then sleep until noon. 

You love your bath.  You aren't playing yet, obviously, but you get so relaxed and just seem so content.

You travel a lot, and are a really good sport about it!  You come with Austyn and me to ballet every Monday, and, of course, you go to all of G's tee ball games.  You are a hit everywhere we go (no surprise)! 

You even made your first trip home to Lake Charles!  You were a great little traveler.  You slept the entire drive.  You began to cry just as we turned in to McDonald's, which is where I was stopping to wake and feed you!  As soon as I put you back in your seat, you slept all the way to Sulphur :)

Everyone at home was so excited to meet you!  Of course, everyone just loved you!

You like a pacifier sometimes, but it is not a requirement for you.  You really only like the vanilla scented one they gave you at the hospital.  Don't tell, but Mommy had to go back to the hospital and get another one because yours went missing one day ;)

You like your car seat, but you hate to get into it.  Once you are in it and we pick it up you are fine.  You take really good naps in it, too.

You are the "gruntiest" baby I have ever heard in my life! It is the funniest thing! You grunt in your sleep constantly. Stretching, especially, is a giant production for you.

You love to take naps in your swing, but you don't really care for it if you are awake.

You are not a very "smiley" baby.  At least not yet.  You do smile, but we have to work for them.  You are usually very studious of the world around you, just taking in everything.  When you do smile, though, it is beautiful!

Your brother and sister love you so much!  They are constantly trying to hug and kiss you, even if you don't want them around you.  Here, Austyn heard you crying, so she shared her beloved Rora with you.  I don't think it is exactly what you wanted, but you have no idea how much she must love you if she is willing to let Rora love on you!

Our first month with you has just flown by so incredibly fast, and I am sure the months to come will as well.  I just love you so much and I am so happy that you decided to join our family and make us a family of five. 

Here are a few comparisons:

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