Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mia Learned a New Trick!

I left something out of Mia's one-month post!  She learned a new trick!  Gannon is so proud of her :)
Bryan and I were watching Mia on the floor the other day, April 7 to be exact, and she decided she no longer wanted to have tummy time.  That's right, folks!  She ROLLED OVERHoly wow!

I know what you must be thinking...April 7?  But she was only born on March 19!

That's correct, 19 days.  Nineteen days old!  Yikes!

Now that she knows she can do this, she does it almost every time we try to incorporate tummy time.  Either that or she falls asleep. Either way, we aren't getting a whole lot of tummy time these days ;)

She has always been strong.  And she doesn't like to just relax.  The night she was born I laid her on my chest, and she tried with all her might to lift her head and look at me.  She couldn't control her head movement, obviously, but her strength amazed me.

I can't wait to post more "firsts!"

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