Friday, April 20, 2012

Slip-N-Slide Fun!

We have all been enjoying the great weather lately, including Mia!  The kiddos got a slip-n-slide for Easter, so Bryan and I (and Mia) have been watching the bigs play.  Mia loves to sit outside in the fresh air and hear her bigs laugh and squeal :)

Austyn was so funny...She would run as fast as she could, then just before she would get there, she would stop and jump on it.  She couldn't figure out why she wasn't going anywhere!

Did I do it that time??

Bryan finally just tossed her down the slide...she LOVED it!

Then, of course, Gannon wanted a toss!  That boy sure makes some faces!!  Haha!

She actually got a little wind that time!


He fell and knocked the wind out of himself, so A came and gave him a kiss.  They melt my heart when they are sweet!

I promise...It won't take so long to post again!

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