Friday, April 20, 2012

Life With Three

Well, the length of time since my last post should tell you plenty!

I am going to "borrow" a quote from a friend:

I'm learning that as a Mom and a wife, I am pretty alright, as a housekeeper, I'm not.

Well, that is especially true now.  I am sure the first two were this way, too, but I just don't remember.  Mia is an extremely easy baby, but she is just that: a baby.  She doesn't like to be alone, which means I don't get much done. 

Thanks to the many, many family and friends who brought us meals, I cooked for the first time since Mia was born last night.  And not even because I had to!  We are so blessed to have such great people taking care of us!  Now, if only I could twitch my nose for everything else!!

Mia is a very happy baby.  She really only cries when she is hungry or tired.  Boy, does she get angry when she's tired!!  It's like she doesn't want to miss anything.  She will just suddenly start screaming, so we swaddle her up tight and rock her.  This makes her even angrier for a second because she knows she can't fight it, but usually within a minute, maybe two, she is out cold!  Sweet baby :)

You can see here just how relaxed she is!  She can't even wake up for a bath ;)

Just like her bigs, she makes lots of silly faces.  These are just a few of the expressions that keep us laughing.

Here are my bigs helping out.  I love that I am able to pump so that they can also bond with her.  Gannon feels very important when he gets to feed her Mommy's Milk :)

Austyn sure does love "her" baby!

Gannon got a shaving kit for Christmas, and he LOVES to use it.  Any time we can't find him, you can bet he is locked in the bathroom shaving!  Apparently, he thought Mia need to shave, too.  I don't think she agreed ;)

Gannon's tee ball games have started, and he has either one or two every week.  Austyn is still doing ballet every Monday, so we are pretty busy.  Mia is a little trooper, and cooperates very well on all our outings.

We are all a little tired, Austy-Bear!

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