Saturday, February 16, 2013

40 Days

40 Days

Is that how long it's been since I posted?  It sure feels like it!  My poor blog has been neglected lately, and I hate that.  It seems like when things get crazy, this is the first thing that goes.  I really need to get better about that so all our memories stay fresh!

I really don't know how long it has been since my last post, but that is not really what the title is about.  It is really about the 40 days of the Lenten season.  Every year, as Catholics, we are asked to give up something as a sacrifice, or to embrace something new that will make us better people.  I have seen people do this, and thought, "No way!  I could never do that!"  But this is the year I take the plunge.  I have decided to give up Facebook for Lent.  Forty days, that's all...forty days.  I promise, though, that I will try to update photos and stories here more often! 

This year, the whole family will be participating in Lent.  Well, almost.  Mia is still off the hook!  Bryan has decided to give up soda, Gannon wants to try his hand at candy, and Austyn is giving up her favorite, "little wienies" or Vienna sausage. 

Wish us luck!

Oh, and since I hate to have a post without photos, here are two of my favorites from the month:

As most of you know, Eric and Maegen are ENGAGED!!!  We just adore them together, and I am so excited to finally get the sister I have always wanted.  They are so great together, and Maegen is the perfect addition to the Duffy family.  Such a great match!

Well, when we got to Lake Charles, Maegen had a little surprise for me:

Bryan and I will get to stand beside them when they promise to be each other's forever.  I am so honored and proud!

We went home for Mardi Gras, so you know we couldn't leave without a King Cake (or two!)!!  Happy Mardi Gras, yall!


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