Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Little of This and a Lot of That!

I just realized that my last real post was Thanksgiving!  Sheesh, that's crazy!  Well, this post is going to be more photos with captions than it is a story because there is just so much to share!

Here is Austy-Bear one night at bath time...I think she forgot something??

We have tried to get Mia to take a pacifier since the day she was born.  We have never had luck.  Well, she finally took one.....That's not quite what I had in mind, baby girl!  ;)

Austyn got a Big Wheel for Christmas, and she was so proud to be able to help Daddy put it together!

Finishing touches.... 

....and she's off!

This is how Gannon poses for pictures, now.  Nice!

So Austyn has a little crush on our friend's little boy, Charlie.  We were getting ready for church one morning, and everything revolved around Charlie. 

"I bet Charlie likes my dress."
"Do you think Charlie will think I am pretty?"
"Mommy, can you help me brush my teeth?  I don't want to accidentally spill toothpaste on me because Charlie might think I am silly."

My little priss!

Yes, baby, those boots look fabulous on your naked butt!

A just couldn't hang anymore after a long day playing with the Bonners!

 A few weeks ago, Bryan and Gannon had a boys weekend at the camp, so we had a girls weekend right here at home.  We met Austyn's friend's, Hallie and Brinley, from ballet at Kid Station.  It is such a fun little place.  They played for five hours!


Mia couldn't play with the big girls, but she still had fun!

After Kid Station, we got some gourmet popcorn!  She was so proud :)

Every kitchen has that drawer that babies love and they are actually allowed to play in. Ours is the Tupperware drawer.  Mia loves to dig in it and take everything out, then throw everything back in.  Austyn has caught on to the fact that this is allowed, so she is now joining in.  They love to play "kitchen" while I am cooking!  My sweet girls :)

This one, I just love!

Austyn's day celebrated 100 Days of School recently.  In the spirit of 100, the children were asked to dress as though they were 100 years old.  Well, here is Austyn in her nightgown, house coat, granny glasses, and rollers!

And here she is one day post-rollers.  Or, actually, "pearlers" as A calls them!  She just loves her pearls ;)

She's with the band!  We love us some In Liquid!

Okay, for this one, I win the worst-mommy-in-the-world award!  Gannon's class had a cookie decorating party for Valentine's Day.  Each child was asked to bring an item for the party.  We were responsible for plain sugar cookies (no icing).  I couldn't find any, so we made some, and we used heart shaped cookie cutters for good measure.  Each child was also asked to bring Valentine's for the class.  Bryan printed these cards at work, and I found para trooping ninjas at our local party store.  They were perfect!  We also bought some iced sugar cookies for the teachers to share.  I knew all the treats wouldn't survive the bus ride to school in Gannon's backpack, so I had Bryan drop everything off before the party.

Here's where things turn sour.

I forgot to mention that each child was also asked to decorate a shoe box (or something like that) to collect all their treats at the party.  I. completely. forgot!  Poor G was probably the only one in the class without one.  When it dawned on me that I forgot, I was actually sick to my stomach. 

But gets better! 

I put the the things that Bryan was supposed to bring to school on the stove in a pile.  Guess what?  The bag Valentine's stayed on the bar!  So not only did he not have a box to collect Valentine's, he didn't have any to hand out, either!  :( :( :( :(  Bad, bad Mommy!!!

He wasn't upset though, he laughed at me.  I sure do love that kid!!!  We sent his Valentine's to school the next day to give to all his friends.

The Valentine's on the right were Austyn's.  If you can't read them, they read:
"I'm BURSTING with happiness that you're my friend!"

You may have noticed that a munchkin seems to be missing from our munchkin trio.  Gannon has decided that the camera is no longer his friend, and he runs when he sees it!  Like father, like son!  I will try to get more of him for the next post :)

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