Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mia--Eleven Months

My sweet girl, your first birthday is approaching faster than I would like to admit.  You are eleven months old! 

You are quite the dancer!  You love music (you have since you were born), and you really feel it, too!  You start shakin' your stuff every time you ear it ;)

You had your first real sickness (since your hospital stay) this month.  We brought you in to see your pediatrician, and you had a double ear infection and Type A Flu!  :(
She was super impressed with how well you were nursing and sleeping, and how happy you seemed to be.  She said you were a very tough little girl (which we already knew!).
You are trying, and liking, more and more foods! You have even started eating from the cafeteria at school.
You love to make your fishy face! You do it all. the. time!

You also make a face we call your "excited face."  You open your mouth as big as you can.  Sometimes, you do it so hard your whole head shakes!
You have finally stopped biting me, but you picked up a little something from that time:  You can shake your finger and say, "No-no!"
You can sign "milk," and you do it often.  It's so great that you can let us know what you want!  We are about to start working on other signs now that you've got "milk."

You can wave bye-bye and blow kisses!  I've been working with you on blowing kisses for a while so when you finally did it, I got really excited! 

Bryan said, "Yeah, she has been doing that for a couple weeks.
"Yeah, she does it every morning when I drop her off at school."
"So nice of you to tell me!" 
You have been playing peek-a-boo for a while now, covering your face with a blanket or shirt or whatnot.  Now, you can play with your hands.  You don't always cover your eyes, in fact, you usually cover your ears.  It's really cute!
You can stand up all by yourself now.  I know that sounds like it should be old news since you are walking everywhere, but until now you have only pulled up and let go.  Now you can just stand up in the middle of the floor with no help!  You can also squat down to pick up a toy you dropped and stand back up again.
Your tooth count is up to five, now!  Finally!!  This tooth has been on the verge of breaking through for weeks!  I was so glad you finally had some relief, and then I noticed tooth number six trying to break through on the bottom.  Hopefully this one will come in quicker.

You are looking so, so much like Gannon!  The resemblance is pretty crazy.

I am sorry all the photos are so small...I don't know what's up with Blogger. :(  Just click on them and they will enlarge.



I can't believe your next post will be your birthday post...Love you big!


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