Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hosuton...We Have Take-Off

Happy ten months to my most beautiful blue-eyed girl! You are just getting too, too big, my bug!

Here are your stats:

You are getting so big, so fast!  It seems you accomplish something new everyday!  Your two biggest accomplishments this month are:

This one is a few days later....she has really gotten the hang of it quickly!
Day care is still going really well!  They just love you to pieces (and I can't say I blame them ;))!  They call you their little Mi-Mi.  Funny, even before they did, I caught myself calling you that at home.  I'm trying not to, though, because we already have a Mimi!  It just fits you, though!
You and Austyn have started to enjoy bath time together.  When you hear the tub running, you race to the bathroom whether it's your turn or not!

You have tried some new foods this month like blueberries, dry cereals (Cheerios, Kix), cucumbers, and yogurt.  You love them all!  Especially the blueberries!  You still just have the four teeth (front two top, front two bottom), but number five is sooo close!
Mia and her cucumbers :)
This video is from last month, but I forgot to post it so I'll add it here.

Go, Mia, Go!!


Sorry this post is so sloppy, but Blogger isn't cooperating with me right now, and I neede to post this while it's still fresh :)  Love yall!

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