Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nine Whole Months

Nine whole months.  We have now had the joy of knowing you for as long as we anticipated meeting you.

Yes, baby girl, it's food!  You love food!  We aren't really all that surprised ;)  In all honesty, you don't eat much.  You mostly just play with it and it all ends up in your chair or on the floor.  But you are enjoying all the new flavors and textures.
Because you can't comfort nurse at day care, we have had to put more solid foods in your diet.  You love to eat boiled eggs, cheerios, and bananas at school.
Also new this month:  Crackers!

Now that winter is in full swing, we have been keeping the fireplace lit.  You are completely fascinated!  You have to be right there with Daddy as he lights or tends it, and you are drawn to the crackles, pops, and lights it gives off.

Your little personality is hilarious.  You already love to make people laugh.  Silly girl :)

Day care is finally getting to see the Mia that we know!  You have adjusted beautifully.  Your teachers say you only cry when you are hungry...which we knew all along ;)

We thought day care would have brought out a schedule in you, but not so much.  You are not a schedule having kind of gal :)

I know for a while we thought you looked like Austyn, but I think you are looking more and more like Gannon!

And, again, I swear by this amber anklet!!  Your two bottom teeth came in a couple of months ago, and they gave us fits.  Your amber hasn't come off your ankle since.  A coulple weeks ago I decided to check the progress of your top teeth, as I figured teething round two was about to begin.  Low and behold...THEY HAD ALREADY COME IN!!  You cut two teeth without anyone even knowing!  Thank you baltic amber teething anklet!


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