Friday, November 23, 2012

Mia is Eight Months! Stats and Milestones

Too big, too fast!  You are EIGHT months old, little girl!

You started day care last week, and it has been rough, to say the least.  It's not your favorite place, that's for sure!  What little sleep schedule you had is now gone.  Your naps are still sporadic, as they have always been, but nights are crazy now, too!  You fall asleep anywhere between 7 and 11 pm, and sleep until somewhere between 5 and 9. 

Four days into day care, and you are sick.  No fever, but still pretty sick.  You have a nasty nose and you can't breathe, and your cough is just awful.  It is very heart-breaking. 

Here is a photo of you with Miss Maegen "watching" the Tigers play after Gannon's birthday party.  It's rare that you will sleep with someone holding you, but you napped for almost three hours while people passed you around.

Here we are getting ready for Mimi and Pappy's Geaux Pokes photo.  You had just woken up and it was so bright.

Big news!  You can pull up!  On everything!  You can even take a few steps if what you have pulled up on slides away from you!  Too, too big!

You are crawling everywhere!  You can go all over the house, and you are so proud of yourself.  Your favorite place to be is in the play room with the bigs.  They love having you in there, too :)

You are such a happy baby!  I know I say that often, but you really are.  You love to play and laugh, and we can't look at you without getting a little grin.  You are interacting more and more with Gannon and Austyn, and they love it.  They are so proud when they make you laugh, or when they just go sit by you and you stop crying.

You are still mainly nursing, but we sneak a few things on your tray every now and then.  New this month:  Grilled cheese!

Eight month stats!

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