Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gannon's Lego Land

This weekend, we celebrated six years with our favorite little boy.  SIX!  Can you believe it?  Me either.  He chose Legos for the theme of his party, and I have to admit, I had lots of fun decorating!  First on my to-do list was the mantle- I like to fill the mantle with photos through the years.


We set up tables outside with tubs of Legos for the kids to build.  They loved it!
We ordered plain cupcakes from Sams and used Lego candies on them.  I found them here.  They were perfect!  They tasted great, and the kids could actually build with them.  

The birthday boy had a special topper-- his Lego from LegoLand!


We used the extra candy to fill treat bags.

The birthday boy!!


For some reason, I have many more photos like the one below than I do of the one above ;)

Bryan even made a Lego piñata!

Happy birthday, Gannon-Banannon!!

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