Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy 1/2 Birthday!

How is it already your half birthday?!  These last six months have just flown by, and yet, it seems as though you have always been a part of our family.  It's hard, sometimes, to remember our lives without you!

Here's what you have been up to lately:

-You have mastered sitting alone.  You are so proud of yourself!  You have also learned that it doesn't hurt to fall from a sitting position, so when you get tired you simply fall!  It's pretty funny.

-Now that you are sitting alone, bath time has gotten interesting.  You sit in the tub and splash like crazy!  You also fall over into the water and thrash around like a little fish.  It is very entertaining, and I almost need a bathing suit to bathe you!

-You are so incredibly mobile!  You can't crawl yet, but you are scooting and rolling like crazy.  It is really funny to watch you try to get up on all fours.  You can get your knees underneath you, actually, you can even get your feet underneath you.  Your problem is your have no idea what to do with them, so you don't do anything.  You use your knees/feet and your face to thrust yourself forward.

Here, I laid you on your mat and went to the bathroom with Austyn. I came back to this only two or three minutes later!

-Your sleep is getting back to normal.  You are falling asleep between 8 and 9, waking to nurse around 2 or 3, and sleeping until we have to bring Gannon-Banannon to school.

-You cut your first tooth!  Finally!  Now, only nineteen more to go, ha!  I officially swear by your amber!  A while back, I thought I had lost your anklet (you can read about that here).  After we lost it, we had to give you Tylenol and teething tablets around the clock.  It helped a little bit with your pain, but I hate to just pump you full of Tylenol all the time!  Turns out, your anklet was in the van the whole time!  Since I have put it back on you (September 7) I have only had to give you Tylenol two or three times!  Yay! 

To help with your teething (and to give you something to do while we are all at the table together), I made you these little pops.  I just froze some breastmilk for you and let you chew on it.  You LOVE it!

-You have decided that bottles are not entirely evil. I had to leave you with Daddy a couple of times last week for a few hours each time. You took your bottles like a big girl :)

-You are getting so much better about letting people other than Mommy hold you. Nanny Shawn got married a couple of weeks ago, and I just cannot believe how well you did!! Especially after our last visit to Lake Charles, which was completely traumatizing for you. You let everyone have their turn holding you, and you did it with a smile. You even let me out of your sight several times! Go, Mia!

Here's you and Nanny dancing the night away at her wedding!

..and one of you, Nanny, and Parrain:

Although you are still only nursing, you have had little "licks" of a couple of fruits.  Here you are tasting a plum.

You made awful faces, but you kept opening your mouth and shouting for more!

This morning, I let you have a taste of honeydew melon, and you about sucked it right out of my hand!  You loved it!

 Sweet girl, you just jumped yourself right to sleep!

You are just the sweetest little thing, and we are all crazy over you!  You and Austyn are already becoming friends, and it just melts my heart.  I am so excited to see your relationship develop over the next few years!

You know me...I have to make some comparisons!

You and Austyn are looking more and more alike every day.  Of course, you are a bit squishier!  :)

Gannon at six months:

Austyn at six months:

Happy half-birthday, my sweet little caboose!  We love you all the way to space :)

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