Sunday, September 2, 2012


As you all know, or should know, college football kicked off last night.  GEAUX TIGERS!! 

This is Mia's first football season!  Gannon and Austyn were so excited, really! They were!  They even told Mia stories about the Tigers and how great they are.  They sang the Fight Song for her, and taught her how to cheer, L-S-U!!

Of course, the night wouldn't be complete without a photo of my lil Tigers!

Have you ever wondered how I seem to have my kids all smiling, or at least looking, at the camera at the same time?

I'll tell you...Persistence. Lots and lots of persistence!
Blooper Reel: GEAUX!

Funny story, when the bigs' eyes were off, they were watching the game!

This one would have been my favorite had Austyn been looking!

 She was just a tad too heavy for Austyn!


Annnnndd....there she goes!

"Mommy!  I can't pick her up!!"

Mia's poor face is begging to be saved ;)

This one should have been great.  Dang arm, haha!

Well, friends, there you have it!  A Manuel Munchkin photo shoot!

Happy Football, yall!


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