Sunday, September 2, 2012

One Down, Thirty-Five to Go!

I knew this day was coming.  I knew it.  I told myself I was ready.  I thought I was.  I really did.  Who was I kidding?

Who knows what I am talking about?


Gannon started Kindergarten!!

How are we here already?  Isn't he just a baby??

Does this make anyone else tear up?  No?  Just me?  Okay.  Off to Kindergarten we go!

I have to say, I did really well the first two days. Bryan and I walked him in the first day. We got to see his classroom and all his little friends. We were able to help him put his lunch away and put his backpack in his locker. We were able to do it all together.

The second day, I walked him in again. I wanted to be sure one last time that he knew how to get to his classroom. Okay, let's be real...I didn't want to let go!

The third day, I asked him if he was ready to walk to class by himself.  He excitedly replied, "Yes!  You just walk me to the door, and I can get to my classroom all by myself!"  Then I explained that I would just drive through the drop-off line and he would get out all by himself and go to class.
"Yes, Mama, yes!!"

He had a great first day!  And first week!!  He has made a few new friends, and even recognized an old friend from his day care!  He loves Art, Music, and P.E.

Every day when I pick him up, I ask about his day.  Friday, his response was, "Aw, MAMA!!!  It's the same thing every. single. DAY!!!"
He is growing up so fast!!  And he is so independent! I mean really...he may as well move out because he doesn't need me for much anymore ;)
One week down, thirty-five to go!  I think this is going to be a great year!!

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