Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Two Birthday Girls!

This is a double birthday post.  Not only did my little princess turn FOUR today, but my baby girl also celebrated five months!

Sometime during the night, the Birthday Fairy paid Austyn a little visit.  Bryan and I heard a little noise, so we snuck into her room to find this:

And our little sleeping beauty slept right through the fairy's little visit!

 This morning, she woke to find this!

She was so excited!  And...how about that hair?!

What does a princess have for breakfast on her birthday?  Well, coffee milk and cupcakes, of course!

She had a fantastic birthday weekend!  Thanks to all of you who helped to make it perfect!  She said the best part was when the Birthday Fairy put all the balloons on her ceiling ;)

We had another special day this weekend!  We celebrated five whole months with our little Mia-Bug!  She kind of got lost in Austyn's weekend, but I don't think she minded one bit.  Here are her stats this month.

She is really loving to play with her toys.  Her coordination is getting better and better.  She can't pass toys from one and to another, yet, but she can put them in her mouth!

Look at my little chunk in the tub!  

Now that she is rolling (constantly), she is really getting active in the tub.  She just loves it!

Sleep has been a struggle for us lately because Little Bit is trying to get some teeth :(  I hate to see her so miserable.  We lost her anklet in Houston (bad, BAD Mommy!!), and it really shows.  She still sleeps about twelve hours from the time she goes down at night until she is up for good the next morning, but there are lots of nursing sessions happening in those hours.  Sometimes it's once an hour, sometimes she can go for six.  

I know it is hard to tell from the pictures, but eating is probably the lowest thing on her priority list right now.  She is so nosey, she will only nurse for a few minutes before losing interest and moving on to something else.  It's still about 2-3 hours between feedings even though she is eating less.

She loves to be worn.  I have an Ergo and a ring sling, and she loves both.  I have to admit, though, I prefer the Ergo.  It is a little easier to use, to me.  Any time she gets too exhausted to calm, I just pop her in the Ergo, and BOOM!  She's out!

 Gannon wanted to wear her so bad!  Haha :)

Gannon is one of her biggest fans.  He is so sweet to her, and always wants to help.

She is too cool for school!

Teething aside, she really is one of the happiest babies I have ever seen.  Teething obviously comes with pain and tears, but other than that she only really cries when she is tired.  She will get whiny when she is hungry or when she just wants attention, but as soon as you give it to her, she is happy, happy, happy!

She is still refusing bottles and pacifiers for the most part, so when I do get a job...it's going to be rough, to say the least. 

She's trying so hard to get up on all fours and scoot.  She has gotten up once, and thrust herself forward, but I believe it was an accident.  Won't be long, though!

Did I mention she can sit?!  Yep, that's my tiny baby girl sitting up all by herself!!

I think she is proud of herself ;)  I'm proud of you, too, baby girl!

Just for fun:

Happy birthday to my big FOUR-year-old!  And happy five months to my not-so-tiny baby girl!  We love you both so big!!


  1. Mia is a little chunk like Lyla! I feel we are going through the EXACT same struggles. Do share this anklet you speak of... I'm desperate for some zzzzzs!
    Beautiful family you have!

  2. Luke is 15 months and weighs 21 lbs! Lol



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