Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mini Vacay in Houston

Bryan travels from time to time for work, but it is usually during the school year.  This time, he went during the summer, so the kids and I decided to tag along!  We had so much fun! 

I want to apologize in advance for the awful photos...they are all from our phones.

We kicked off the week by dining at one of our favorite Houston restaurants, Guadalajara!

Here is Gannon with his first attempt at a word search...He would have done better had the words been in English, ha!

While Bryan was cooped up in his meetings all day, we swam at the hotel pool!  Here is G-Man all ready to go!

Here, Gannon is holding Mia's float.  She had a blast!  I regret not having any pictures of her in the water, but obviously, since I was alone, that wasn't possible.

 After getting up early to bring Bryan to work, then spending the morning in the pool, everyone was pooped!  Poor, Gannon... He is going to have a hard time getting into "school mode!"

When Bryan goes on his trips, one of his favorite things to do is visit Guitar Center.  It's like 
Disney to him!  He was so excited to be able to finally share the experience with Gannon.  Gannon was in guitar heaven!  He was amazed at all the instruments, and wanted to play everything.  Don't worry, we didn't leave the girls out of the fun!

Then, we headed to the Galleria, where we found the Hello Kitty store!  Austyn was just beside herself.  She didn't even know where to start.  It was the cutest thing!

At the Galleria, there was a kiddie play land called Little Galleria.  It was made up of tiny versions of some of the stores in the Galleria like Macy's, Nordstrom's, Neiman Marcus, etc.  Gannon immediately saw the New York skyline and jumped to the rooftop.  He was Spiderman.  Several of the boys his age joined him in his super hero quest to fight the villains.  Austyn, of course, was the group leader.  She made sure everyone was assigned to a bad guy, ha!

I wanted to take the kids for ice cream, and since there was a Chick-Fil-A across the street from our hotel, I thought we'd go there.  After all, the ice cream is great, and there is an indoor play land!  BUT, with all the hoopla going on with them, the crowd was ridiculous!  So we headed to McDonald's.  Apparently, I wasn't the only one who wanted to bypass the CFA crowd by heading to McD's.  They were packed, too.  So, plan c.  We found a gas station and picked up Crunch Bars!  Austyn loved hers ;)

 Later, while getting ready Austyn chose to wear this dress.  I informed her that it was Mia's dress, but she insisted on wearing it anyway.  I let her put it on, and to her surprise, it was way too short!

"Oh, this must be Mia's dress," she concluded.

 I do, however, find it absolutely hilarious that Austyn could totally wear that as a shirt if she had some leggings!  Haha, chere, Mia!

Speaking of Mia, we didn't forget her!  She's here, too, she just isn't able to join in on all the big kid fun, yet.  She is getting big way too fast, though!  She has started rolling to sleep on her side and her tummy lately.  She even managed to roll all the way over from her back to her tummy!  Go, Mia!

She did it!

Sisters :)

Finally, Bryan was done with his meetings and it was time for family fun!  We took the kids to The Children's Museum of Houston.  They had a blast!  We were there for six hours, and they still weren't ready to leave!  They got to do all sorts of fun, scientific things!

Here they are driving a police car in Kidtropolis.  In Kidtropolis, the kids run the city.  They each have their own debit card, and there are ATMs throughout the city.  They earn money by "working" at the different places, like the police station!  As they leave a section, they receive a paycheck, which they can deposit into their accounts.

Here they are working at the veterinary clinic. 

My little scientists :) 

 I swear, this girl can find pigs anywhere we go!!

After lunch, we found the face-painting station.  Austyn chose to be a cat, while Gannon wanted to be Spiderman.  There was no red, so Bryan made him Super-Gannon.  Then, he drew the "S" on his other cheek.

I never knew how much I would miss our cloth diapers!  It is so nice to be back home and in cloth!  Mia had three "blow-outs" while we were in sposies.  I can honestly say that has never happened in cloth!

 While vacations are fun, it is always so nice to return home!  Until next time... :)

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