Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Room for One More?

We are getting closer and closer to finding out the identity of our little caboose!  The kids are getting more excited by the day, and I can't lie, so am I!  Every day could be "The Day", and the anticipation is driving me crazy!!

I have been experiencing prodromal labor (basically false labor) for a couple of weeks, now.  This baby is a little tease!  I go back to the doctor Friday to see how much progress has been made this week.

In non-baby-news, Gannon has started tee ball, and he loves it!  Bryan is helping coach his team, and he said Gannon looks great out there.  We asked him if he was the best out there, and he said, "Well, yeah!  I'm a star!"  His team is the Marlins, and as soon as we find out colors, I will go buy his gear.  When I buy his gear, you will get pictures!

Austyn is loving ballet, too.  She is finally starting to show us some of the things she is learning in class.  Her favorite is the arafess.  Some of you may know of this as the arabesque, ha!  She couldn't be cuter dancing around in her little leotard!  I am going to try my best to get a video of her dancing, soon.

I guess the only question left is:

Is there room for one more?

In that bed, I'm not so sure.  In our home, and in our hearts--definitely!!  We will keep you posted on the arrival of Baby M!

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