Thursday, March 31, 2011

Catching up...Days 39-46

I have been keeping up with most of the photos, just not the posting.  Here are the latest in the 365 Project.

Day 39
A New Hat

Day 40

As sweet as this looks, his intentions were completely malicious.
He led her to the sprinkler, assuring her that it was safe.  That the sprinkler was set very, very low.  As soon as he had her confidence, he bolted to the faucet and turned it to full blast.  Little booger!

Day 41

My little Monkey!

Day 42

The Ice Cream Truck
This was their first experience with the ice cream truck.  Gannon was so excited!  He got to hand the lady the money, and they each got to pick out their own treat.  I think it is safe to say that it was a huge hit!

Day 43

A Day at the Park
We met up with Jeremy and Rachelle's boys for a much needed play date.  The kids were beyond excited to see each other.  My poor Austyn-Baby always seems like she is trying to catch up with her boys.

Day 44


Day 45

Today, we celebrated Austyn's first accident-free day!  We are all so proud! 
*I have to add here, that as of now (when I am actually getting around to updating this blog), she has had FOUR accident-free days!! 

Day 46

Austyn got this magnetic shape book for Christmas, and she loves it.  She is so proud that she can match and identify all the colors and shapes.  My baby girl is growing up way to fast!

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  1. Love the first photo. Underwear hats are the best! Boys can be so mean to their little sisters, but it is all comes from LOVE, right :)



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