Tuesday, March 19, 2013

And Just Like That...

....She's ONE!
**I (and Daddy, Pappy, and Aunt Maegs) tried my very best, but this is the best we could get for this month!**
It is so hard to believe that an entire year has passed since we first laid eyes on our tiniest angel.

One year ago today, I was full of questions.  I wondered about you...Were you Parker?  Or would you be Mia?  Would you be an average size, like your brother and sister?  Or would you be 8 pounds 12 ounces like my dream?  What would your hair be like?  Would you even have any??  What are Gannon and Austyn going to think about their new little baby?  You clearly aren't going to be as early as your brother and sister, but would you even be a little late?  Are we going to have an April Fool's Day baby?!  Well, at about 3:00, I started getting some answers!  You can relive your birth story with me here.  I just love your story.  It was the most amazing day.

Just look at those cheeks, would ya!

Here we are, a whole year later.  You have the greatest little personality.  You are so happy all the time.  We are all just head-over-heels for you.

It's hard to believe bath time has gone from this......

...to this!

You are getting better at sleeping.  Lately, we are down to only nursing twice at night.  Which, I must say, is so much better then every 1-2 hours!
You love day care, and they love you.  We were told that babies usually get attached to Ms. Kristy's hip, but this time, Ms. Kristy has gotten attached to your hip!  You two are always together.  You moved up to the toddler room (tear), but every day when I pick you up, Ms. Kristy is just rocking you in the nursery, and you are laying on her shoulder.  It really makes it easier to leave you knowing how much they love you, too!

You are signing more and more.  You always sign milk when you want to nurse, but now you are starting to sign more if you aren't finished, and eat if you want food!  Smarty pants :)

You have been seeing the chiropractor the last few weeks for your ears.  In January, you had your first ear infection.  You had so much gunk in your ears, that it was coming out of your eyes, looking like pink eye.  We started to notice the gunk again, so we immediately brought you to the chiropractor.  Although we had cured the infection, the gunk had no way to drain and was just sitting there to re-infect.  Your eyes are looking so much better!  Your last appointment is Thursday, and you should be all set!

"Good morning, birthday girl!"

You have seven teeth now!  I am so happy that you have decided it's not fun to bite mommy!

You had roasted sweet potatoes for the first time...I am not quite sure if they were a hit or not, but you loved playing with them!

You also had raspberries for the first time.  I wish we had thought to get the camera out sooner!  The faces you made in the beginning were priceless.  They were a little tart for you at first, but you loved them!
You know what no means, and any time you hear it you start shaking your head no.  Then, you laugh!  Stinker.

You love to be in the kitchen with me (or whoever else is in there).  We have had to put locks on some of the cabinets and drawers (you have figured out how to get some of them unlocked!), but I left the tupperware drawer open for you.  You love it.  You just throw the tubs all over the place.  Your favorite thing to do is put them on your head and play peek-a-boo.

Where's Mia??
There she is!!

You walk all over the house with them.  I have to go hunting for dishes when it's time to pack up leftovers ;)

 We spent your birthday at the ball fields for Gannon's first tee ball game.  You had so much fun cheering!  You squealed and clapped every time the crowd did.  After the game, we went to Dairy Queen for supper.  We didn't have cake, but we got you a little ice cream treat for your birthday.
You loved it!  But you weren't so excited when we decided you'd had enough.  Mama's girl!
Here are all three of you at one:
We love you to the moon, big girl!!

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