Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ten Weeks

Another week has passed :)
Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: Ten Weeks

Size of baby: Baby M is just over an inch, which is about the size of a kumquat.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I lost another pound this week, which brings the total to five :(

Maternity Clothes: I'm wearing my normal clothes but they are getting tight. I have a feeling I'm going to live in dresses, tunics and leggings this pregnancy!

Gender: We are not going to find out! I am so excited about this!

Movement: I haven't felt any movement yet, but hopefully, since this is number three, I will feel something before 22 weeks!

Sleep: I'm so, so, so tired. All the time. I love that I am working half days, because it allows me to have a nap everyday!

What I miss: Honestly, I miss drinking a beer on the porch in the afternoon.  Especially with the weather being so nice!

Cravings: This week, Roman Delight Pizza is high on my priority list.  Weird, I know, but it's what I want :)

Aversions: Still nothing specific.  I am not a huge fan of Italian right now, though.
Symptoms:  I am getting light-headed pretty often, and although I am still pretty sick, it is getting a little better everyday.  Hallelujah!
Similarities and Differences from Previous Pregnancies: 
Gannon:  This little one has a high heart rate like Gannon did.  I am also craving salty foods.  With Gannon, I couldn't get enough steak.  While I am not craving steak, specifically, the salty foods are what this one prefers as well. 
 When I was pregnant for Gannon, I could not eat anything Mexican, and I couldn't drink milk.  I also couldn't eat supper. 
Austyn:  Not much is similar...Austyn's heart rate was lower, in the 140s.  I ate a batch of chocolate chip cookies almost every day (by myself) during her pregnancy.  I haven't touched a cookie so far with this one.
With both Gannon and Austyn, I craved oranges and orange juice.  This time, not so much. 

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