Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Little Bit of Pre-Christmas Fun

It's our first Christmas in our new house!  Well actually, it's our first anything in our new house.  Although we haven't even unpacked most off our boxes, up went the tree.  First things first, right?  This is the first year they have both really gotten into it, so it was really fun.

They are so funny... I don't remember what this was actually about, but this is usually how it ends.

We needed a way to let Santa know that even though we weren't going to be home for Christmas, we still wanted him to stop at our house.  So, we decided to make some reindeer food.  Reindeer food sparkles and shines, and the reindeer can see it as they are flying over the houses.  Gannon thought that was the perfect way to get the reindeer to steer Santa to our house.  We sprinkled it poured it all over the yard before we headed to Lake Charles for the holidays.  They were so proud of themselves! 

Looks like we are ready for Santa!

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