Sunday, May 26, 2013

Goooooo Marlins!

Gannon is wrapping up his third ball season.  He is really such a great athelete.  He makes me proud out there!  He was pretty upset that he had to play tee ball again, though.  He was so upset, in fact, that he wanted to quit.  He wanted to wait until next year, when there would be no more tee.  After lots and lots of talking, he finally decided to play this year!  I am so glad he did :)

This is Gan's buddy, Brantley.  He is Chloe's (from the recital) little brother.  We are really going to miss this family.  They are really, really great people!!

He hit a double!

Click here and here to see a couple videos of him on the bases.  I am not sure why, but YouTube is acting up, and I cannot post them directly to the blog.

Here is Brant...he is a little perfectionist, and loves to measure up several times before swinging big.  And it is worth it!  He is a really good little hitter!

And here is the cheering section.  Mia loves to clap and cheer for the Marlins.  Really, she loves to clap and cheer anytime she hears someone else getting excited.

**In other news, Mia is sporting her very first ponytail!  AND...a BOW!!

These two right here......well, there isn't much I can say.  They are characters by themselves.  Together....there are no words :)

We had a great season!

Gooooooooo Marlins!!

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