Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fusion Dance Academy Recital 2013: It's All Fun and Games

Today, Austyn performed in her second dance recital with Fusion Dance Academy.  She had a blast, and she did really well!  She is taking a ballet/tap combo class, so she was able to dance on the stage twice.

Her tap routine was first on the bill.  The theme of the recital was "It's All Fun and Games" so each number was named after a game of some sort.  They wore red costumes, and danced to "Rockin' Robin."  What better name than Angry Birds for their first number?!

*She is the one on the far left, looking the other way ;)*

She is the second from the right.

And here's another:

Their ballet routine was done to "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" and featured giant flowers.  The title of this routine was He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.  Austyn did so much better this year in both routines!  She really enjoyed herself this year :)  Not that she didn't last year, but last year she was the girl who just smiled and waved at the audience, ha!

She is the second from the right.

I snapped this photo of her after dress rehearsal the day before.  She was so excited to have found a flower to match her costume!

What a difference a year makes!

Gannon is a very typical six-year-old boy.  And with that comes six-year-old-boy jokes and pranks.  He has discovered bunny ears, and he gives them in every photo!  Silly boy :)

Austyn was so excited that her big friend, Chloe, came to see her recital!  Chloe is an excellent dancer, and Austyn felt very proud to have her in the audience.  We get to go see Chloe dance in her recital very soon!

The grands :) 

Our little family <3 p="">

I am so proud of my little ballerina, and I can't wait for many, many more dance recitals!

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