Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I know, I know...We posted new pictures of the house before we moved in, and then, nothing.  I am sorry.  I snapped a few shots while the kiddos were napping today (both are home sick with the flu), but it's only a few.  Also, bear in mind, this is our first home.  We have no very few decorations.  But here is what we have so far.

Here is the living room.

In the kitchen, we have added the barstools, as well as a table to the breakfast area.

Here is the playroom, which I absolutely LOVE!!  It is amazing how much neater I can keep my house, and the kids' room, now that I have this room!

*Note G cleaning the floors*  I am sure by the time he can actually help, the desire will be long gone ;)

I love our "click-clack" chair.  It works like a futon.  G sleeps here pretty often.

Okay, now you know I can't have my camera out and not snap a shot of this face!

Since Gannon had just woken up (notice the bed-head above) I was able to get a shot of his room.  Austyn's will have to wait until another day.

Well, that's all I have for now.  We need visitors, so feel free to come on out here!


  1. It's just beautiful. We're getting ready to start house shopping. Can't wait.

  2. Thank you, Maria! We are so happy here. Good luck house hunting. It is so much fun, yet so stressful at the same time :)



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