Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Those Munchkins

Our munchkins have some pretty big things going on in their lives!  Up first, is Gannon.  Some of you may have already heard about his exciting day at school yesterday, but for those of you who haven't, here's the scoop.

When I picked him up after school, he had this really cool necklace around his neck.

Can you see it??  If not, it's a plastic tooth.  Can you imagine why he is wearing a tooth necklace??

Yep!  He lost his first tooth!!

He was so excited to wake up to find that the tooth fairy had paid him a little visit :)

Austyn can read!!  Well, not really, but she IS getting better!  She is learning how to put letter sounds together to form words!  She is very, very proud that she can "read" this ABC book.

In other news, the bigs really have to learn the importance of picking up after themselves!  They are about to find out why!!

^This little girl is mobile!!  Go, Mia-Bug :)

And here are a few more, just because they're cute :)



Love to everyone!!

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