Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mia is 2 Months!

Sweet girl, slow down!  Really!  I can't believe you are already two months old. 

Things haven't changed much with you this month.  You are still such a laid back baby.  You only cry when you are tired or hungry (which is All. The. Time!).  Sometimes Daddy and I just look at each other and laugh when you start eating your hand again after just eating. 

You don't fight your sleep as much, but then again, we don't push it as much.  When we see you getting tired, we put you in your swing and you just drift off to dreaming.  You are over swaddle blankets.  You hate them, actually.  You love the security of being wrapped up, but your arms have to be free.

You are still sleeping well.  All day and night, actually.  You have moved your bedtime from 1am to 11pm (thank you!!).  You wake around 3 to nurse, then it's right back to sleep.  You wake again between 6-7 and then sleep until about ten. 

You LOVE bath time!  Although you aren't playing yet, it always puts you in a happy mood.

 You are starting to enjoy your swing more when you are awake.  You like to watch the animals on the mobile and you love the music.

You don't really like pacifiers.  We try them sometimes, but you usually just push them out of your mouth.

 You make us work for smiles!  When we get them, they are just so beautiful!

You had your first hospital stay this month, too.  You can read about that here.  You gave us a god scare, but everything turned out just fine.

Gannon and Austyn just adore you.  Every time you cry (even if they caused it) they come running to help.  They love to play with you, especially now that you are smiling and cooing more.  Gannon is especially impressed that you can roll over.

And for the geek in me, here are some comparisons:

Here is a picture of all Mimi's girls in one of her old dresses. 

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