Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mimi and Pappy's Invasion

Well, it didn't take as long as I thought it would:  Mimi and Pappy came to see the Munchkins in Texas!!  They didn't get in until almost eleven, so the kiddos were both out.  Boy, did they have a surprise when they awoke Saturday morning!  Gannon was so surprised, he got a little embarrassed ;)

Austyn, on the other hand, immediately invited Pappy to a tea party.

They came on a great weekend, our chosen new "hometown" was having a Western Days Festival.  We were able to attend the parade and some of the other festivities.

Austyn wasn't really too sure about it at first, but she eventually let her little self loose.

Gannon was so excited about all the candy.

He spent the better part of the parade covering his ears ;)

For as much as he loves music, he sure hates loud noises! 

We wore out my sweet little princess :)

Everyone had a great time.  We even ran into our friends, Nick and Julie Walker.  They have two boys, and Gannon absolutely adores their older son, Dylan.  He wants to be just like him.  When we introduced them to Mimi and Pappy, we found out that Mimi taught Nick in first grade!  It is such a small world!

After the parade was over, we headed out to lunch...Then, on to the NEW HOUSE!!

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