Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Blogger

Okay, so I have finally broken down and decided to give blogging a try.  I am a facebooker at heart, but I am hoping this helps keep everyone updated since we moved.

We have been here in Texas for almost a month now, and we are really loving it!  As most of you know, we tested out the ER the first week we were here.  Austyn decided to jump off the ottoman like her big brother, but she landed funny and broke her foot. 

We came back to Lake Charles to see Dr. Wallace, and he sent us over to The Center for Orthopedics.  They decided to cast her, and they even gave Piggy one to match.  She was so excited!

Of course, after all this excitement, we had to get ice cream....with sprinkles!

She has really been a trooper through this whole experience. She hasn't let it slow her down a bit.  They told us she wouldn't be able to walk with her cast on, that it would be too difficult for her...HA!  She is still running, jumping, climbing, tumbling, etc...  We are heading back to Lake Charles tomorrow so that she can get the cast removed.  I bet she can't wait!

On another note, both kiddos seem to be adjusting to the move really well.  They have started day care, and they really seem to be enjoying it.  Austyn had a rough time with it at first, but she is doing much better, now.  Gannon loves it.  He has already made friends that he talks about all the time.

Well, I guess this is a good start.  Let's see how long I can keep it up!

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